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Catch up on background information about Bill C-2 (formerly Bill C-65) here. See the status of Bill C-2 at OpenParliament or at the Parliament of Canada.

Read about how these professional organizations support safer, supervised injection sites: the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care, the Public Health Physicians of Canada, the Canadian Public Health Association, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, and the Urban Public Health Network.


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Sign the petition by the Canadian Nurses Association for improving access to prevention and treatment services:
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Call, email or send a letter to your Member of Parliament and let them know you oppose Bill C-2. Find out who your MP is here:
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Supervised injection programs are an important harm reduction strategy.

Canadian Medical Association

Healthy public policy must be founded on evidence and be responsive to public needs — particularly for those most vulnerable ... Bill C-2 does not effectively meet these criteria.

Canadian Nurses Association

... we also recognize that people who use these substances are best served through public health approaches that respect their human rights. One such approach is the establishment of supervised injection facilities ...

Canadian Public Health Association

Extensive studies and peer-reviewed research from around the world have documented the positive public health and public safety outcomes of safe injection site services.

Public Health Physicians of Canada